Monthly Archives: March 2016

Why do you need an Email List

Why do you need an Email List

We have to admit, we never gathered up an Email list until about a year ago. Like many others we were on the social media pretty much everyday creating a hype, making it look big and then tapping our fingers on the table while we waited for the likes!! 

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How to make your client stay

How to make your clients stay

Now that you have swiftly sifted through the crowd and found yourself a Dream Client it’s time to pamper them and ensure you make your client stay. Getting the right client is half the job done but to make sure they never turn their back on you is another. 

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The seven sinful clients you want to avoid

We are not saying that all clients are like that but some are and all we want to do, is to put a red flag out there for you!

When you start to get your first few clients, there’s no guarantee that all the clients will be a pleasure to work with. Read More

How to scan a good client?

How to scan a good Client

It’s an obvious choice to accept any work that comes your way when you first start. We’ve been there and the more years that passed the more we realised how futile it was – Not the designing, but designing for the wrong client.

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How to score your Dream Client

How to score your dream client

Once you have set up your business, tools and got your social media feed lined up – it is now time to find your clients. The better the preparation the more confident you will be, getting out there and selling your services to a prospect.Read More