Choosing the right social media

Choosing the right social media
Choosing the right social media
As a new or a small business you need to build your fan following and customer base, and social media marketing does just that.

While there are many options to choose from, but finding the one that’s RIGHT for you can be a daunting task. Now, even though using social media is second nature to lost of us – there is a whole population that never needed or learnt how to use it until they suddenly realised that they HAD to!

How DO you decide what works best for you? And why is it important to choose the the RIGHT one? You might want to read through some related articles once you’re done with this one.

Social media has become a crucial part of marketing and promotions. It’s a platform to connect with present and prospective customers, to get real time feedback and also to know your competitors. Having said that, you don’t have to be present on every single social media that’s out there.. because you simply don’t have the time! You need to see what your business is, whether your customer is going to follow you and whether it’s worth your hours? After all it’s an investment of time into your business!

There are some major platforms that one can’t miss, but each one of them have a different target audience and are known for different content. So, which social media marketing is right for you?



Who isn’t on Facebook? From an 8 yr old to gran, everyone goes online for their daily juice. But does that make it the best place to promote? Lately, Facebook limited it’s posts and shares to encourage people to pay for advertising their businesses. So even though you have a major fan following / likes on your page a lot of times your promotions don’t even come through unless you paid to “boost” it. As a new business this can be frustrating if you don’t have the cash to put in.

But, say you did have the funds, then Facebook is a great tool to target the right audience. It allows you to choose the number of people, their geographies and age group too, which is, hitting the nail on the head! This can be time and money well spent and generate income for your business too. The good thing about Facebook is that it can be used to promote almost any kind of business, service or event.



Launched only two years after Facebook, twitter quickly gained popularity for being being quick and witty. Unlike Facebook, setting and account and gaining followers is a lot easier. It’s a place to create a buzz about your business, tell people what your company is all about on a regular basis and keep them engaged. A new promotion, a new image, a blog – something to create interest and keep them coming back.

Brands use them a lot to keep in touch with their customers. There’s a lot less singing and dancing when composing a tweet, so it’s great for a quick question, a mention or a “thank you for your service” post. Much like customer care, most companies hire a designated person to manage twitter feeds and communicate with the clients.



We as designers, love this platform for those non inspirational, creatively blocked days, when your head just isn’t in the right place.

Pinterest is a world of beautiful things. It allows you to search and save images into folders and organise your ideas. It mainly consists of Fashion / Design, Interiors / decor, Food, Beauty and Fitness – DIY and crafts seems to be expanding lately too. So if you are selling any one of these things or services then you want to be on pinterest. It’s a great way to build a portfolio to share with your audience and expand your fan base.

Unlike Facebook and twitter, at Pinterest you will gain popularity by the number of times your images have been pinned or passed around. It is not determined by the latest post or newest tweet, this makes your posts less stagnant and keeps them circulating.



The youngest of the lot, instagram was launched in oct 2010. It is a social networking service that allows users to take pictures or short videos and share them on various social platforms. This is a great platform for GOODS rather than services, unless you’re a photographer!

Instagram is brilliant for cataloging your products. But, just A PIC doesn’t cut out anymore- It just doesn’t stand out. Most of these pics are staged, propped and uniquely captured to define a style, a season or a mood. There are many people who started off with clicking pics of their hobbies out of passion for what they do and have converted it into a business. These include scrap booking, sewing, potters etc.

Here’s a fun video about instagrammers that you are sure to enjoy: video

But essentially it’s a visually treat for your followers to see what you have to offer! Here too you can pay to sponsor a post to make your self visible to those who are not following you yet.


You Tube:

Youtube allows you to upload videos and share with either a certain group of people or publicly. Youtube was launched 10 years ago..and soon shot up as one of the most innovative, personal and direct ways to communicate. This is a fantastic addition to to this generation, it has given many talents the opportunity to share their skills, thoughts, ideas and passions.

You tube is really for anyone.. A musician, a makeup artist, a tech guru, a dancer, a teacher, a spiritual leader ANYTHING! Because you are on the camera – it’s more personal, believable and less gimmicky.  Now, here you can’t directly “sell” your videos to make business like you would with a physical product. But, once your videos gain popularity, people will sponsor you and give you free products related to your field to showcase in your videos. Also you can add adverts and links to your videos which can be cashed in each time someone clicks it.

Like any other art – it is important that your content is unique and interesting, because at the end of the day, that’s what will keep you subscribers coming back.



Been around for a good 12 years now, linkedin is typically a Corporate social media. Known for ‘sticking to business’, this platform is great for job search, blogs about your company, statistics and networking. Your followers are not interested in your personal life, hobbies or where you plan to have your next holiday. The only reason someone would want to “link” to you is because they want to work with you or for you.

It is important that you create the right image for your self or you brand here. The right information, list of your services, experience and achievements can help network better and hence bring in more business.

Alternatively it is also the place you’d want to go when hiring someone. You can view recommendations and endorsements from previous employers / clients, which is always important when welcoming someone to your brand.

The above list of social networks are only the tip of the iceberg.. but at the same time are the most global and commonly used ones. They are also each for a different demographic clientele. Hope this article gives you a little in sight into what each one does and how it fits what YOU do.

We would love to hear what you have say or share from your experience. So please do leave a comment. We will see you in the next year, so have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Wonderful NEW YEAR!


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