Design trends of 2016

Design Trends of 2016


New Year. New Start. New Trends. It all feels so fresh and exciting, come January!

This year we have a plan and a calendar full of blog articles we have planned for the coming months. We pick a topic that we observed, got asked or learnt and we talk about it inside out. The good, the bad, the ugly of design.

We are also going to add a section of Freebies very soon, which will be accessible to our subscribers upon login only.This would include fonts, stock image, illustration or a printable.

We will Blog on a weekly basis along with special features or news if any. There’s a Monthly newsletter which allows you to get all the updates in your mail box directly along with a direct link to our latest work and freebies of the month.

Ok, so that all that info is out of the way, let’s get down to the…

Design trends of 2016

Marketing is not only about what you and your business does, but also staying in trend. It’s human nature to follow the crowd, so why not use it to your advantage? The more up to date you are the more consumers want to follow you and associate with your brand. 

As designers we hunt for web and graphic trends. We love colour and anything type. So here are few of our favourite trends for the year of 2016 that are not just for designers but for anyone! 


Design trends of 2016


The pantone colour palette for 2016 is aimed to take you to a brighter, happier place. They are serene and calming but at the same time exciting and optimistic. 

Things like Branding, Stationary, Packaging and Web Designing seem to get more attention if they follow a trend. The consumer is sub-consciously fed these colours through magazines, media and shop fronts, that they are naturally drawn to it. And if you can use them in the right way, they become a form of marketing for you. Look at Pinterest and Instagram for example they get washed in latest colours and trends.. It’s because people like CHANGE, they like NEW, they like TRENDS!

The palette personally is a compilation of all our favourite colours. What they call Limpet shell this year or mint / turquoise in a lay man’s term was our colour of the year in 2015. We even have walls painted this colour! LOVE IT!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Design trends for 2016


OMG this is a dream come true for us designers!! Launched in summer last year Adobe has made a revolution in the design industry! 

This new software is a cloud service from Adobe that provides you with all their softwares across any media. This not only includes all their existing software but many new ones such as CreativeSync, Stock, Muse and much much more. Once you subscribe to it as per your requirement, you can access it from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet, making life so much easier. There’s also a storage space and back up option for your brushes, templates, pictures. It even puts analytics, marketing manager and campaign builder in the same place. It’s a slow transition but this might be the ONLY thing you’ll ever need as a designer eventually.!! 

3D Logos

Design trends of 2016


This year adds another dimension to the boring old 2d designing. Shapes have been very popular in logo formation and now the 3D concept really sets it apart. In the age of animation, video gaming and visual effects, these logos are very effective as they get used across various media. And honestly, they look killer on paper as well!

Original illustrations

About a decade ago, websites like shutterstock took over the web with their stock photos. The pictures were great, they were easy to search by topic, and it was a lot more economical than doing a photoshoot for every promotional item.  

Now people look for uniqueness. Something that is their’s and defines their business in the best way to their consumers. So illustrations have started to make a come back. And these are not restricted to print media alone. Take a look at this Flash animation we did for IMD College in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was a graduation video showcasing the experiences of the students and their partners in that one year.

Whether it be vector or hand drawn, this is a trend we don’t see coming off the charts anytime soon.


Google font has allowed us to have a lot of variety when it comes to fonts for the web. These have taken us out from the dark ages of Arial and Helveticas. But we are suckers for the hand drawn typography. They make everything look so real and authentic. These days it’s very easy to combine graphics with hand drawn type by use of creative tools. What more, you can even convert your hand drawn type into a font. Check out paintfont or fontstruct

We follow some instagrammers (which apparently is not a word, in our spell check hehe ) who do beautiful type. Check them out. 

Parallax Websites

Parallax websites are creeping through the cracks of WordPress. It’s the newest web trend that is becoming more and more popular. 

Parallax first started in video gaming. Back in the day of Mario, video gaming was done in layers. There was a back ground that more or less never moved. Another layer on top of it which set the scene and told the story and then there was a foreground where all the action was.

Now, apply this to a website design and you have yourself an amazing visual presentation! Designers are always looking for ways create the next hype, to visually entice their audience and these websites are right on the money!

There are many over worked examples of Parallax, But we love this very simple yet effective one.

Design trends of 2016


We hope this article was useful for you. If you enjoyed this one, you might also like Why your Business needs a Website.

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  1. Dedicated server

    With responsive design pretty much taken over the Web, expect flat design to continue to be a dominate design aesthetic throughout 2016. Not only will there be websites that launch with flat designs, those sites who’ve already embraced the flat design trend will look to make things even flatter.

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      Well, Parallax is creeping in slowly to take care of one aspect at least.. But then, everything comes with a gush of wind and then dissolves.. Let’s see what’s next.. 🙂



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