Who to hire, Freelancer vs Agency?

freelancer vs agency

Freelancer or a creative agency – It’s often a daunting decision to choose between the two when it comes time to get design work done. While both have their pros and cons it all begins and ends with what your requirement, budget, and priority is and where you are willing to compromise.You might want to read this article if you’re wondering why you need a graphic designer to begin with?


Flexible to answer those SOS texts at 10:00pm. Many freelancers will respond to weekend emails and might even act upon your request.

Budget is negotiable in most cases as a freelancer will try to provide you the best for your buck. Plus the overhead costs are low so in general the prices are lower than that of an agency.

Communication is a lot quicker, clearer and on point as there’s only one point of contact who is 100% responsible for the job.

Expectation from a freelancer is clear as you hire them based on their style and portfolio, so you know what you’re going to get from them.

Outsource resource. Most freelancers are up to date with the latest trends, newest printing techniques, latest paper samples and have a reliable outsource team that ensures you get the right output at it’s best price.


Larger Workload can be handled due to larger staff. This is beneficial to companies with ongoing multiple projects.

One stop shop: Most agencies will provide all services under one roof which can be a time saver for some.

Always Available as alternative designers can be assigned to your projects, should their be absence due to sickness or vacation leaves.

Teamwork is the key in any agency where a team is assigned to your project and every outcome is the brainchild of this creative bunch.

Trust: It’s unfair to say that a freelancer is not trust worthy, but in general, because it’s a company it’s takes a little more “faith points”…

Disclaimer: Every agency and every freelancer is different.. We are not here to be-little either of them – We are merely comparing the two as we see it and making some key points to hopefully make your decision a little more clearer. Every experience and every client is different too.. Are there any comparisons or experiences you would like to share with us?..

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