How to grow your Email List


If you have been keeping mailing lists for a while, you know that it’s not magically going to expand itself. It requires a lot of ground work and then maintenance to ensure that the list is always rising up. 

Its a common misconception that to start a campaign you have to have a certain number of subscribers on your list. This couldn’t be more wrong. You can start with as little as 2 people on your list as long as you can add value to them. There are a few basic steps that can ensure that you are more visible and accessible for the viewer to become your subscriber.

How to grow your email list:


Landing page for opt in:

If we want our viewers to become subscribers, we need to show them the light! Having a designated landing page for opt-in or sign up is crucial and often overlooked. When you put up opt ins on your side bar or footer, it’s just a mini-form that says SIGN-UP.. and even though it flashes before the viewer’s eyes, it’s not convincing enough. Having an Opt in LANDING PAGE allows you to share your offers and incentives and lure them into signing up with you. It also allows you to showcase what value you can add to their business or personal lives, whatever the case maybe.

Expand your horizons

If you are starting off as a business or a blogger, chances are you don’t have a lot of traffic coming on to your website which makes building your email list slower and harder. Using tools such as twitter cards can help you expand your reach beyond your website. You can embed a little “card” that allows your viewers to join your email list without leaving twitter! An example of this is below.

Twitter card sample

Create a pop up

Pop ups are a great way to grab attention in a short span. We are not crazy fans of the pop ups that appear the moment you have landed on a page, even before you got a chance to see what the website is all about! But if someone has spent a good 20 seconds on a site – chances are they like the content and that’s when a pop up can appear to grab the opportunity to Sign up!

A great tool to do this is SumoMe pop up which  is free or the Mail chimp sign up which is a paid feature. 

Content content content:

The core of any email list is content and for that reason we always recommend writing about something that you are passionate about. if it’s something you live and breathe everyday, writing about it will come naturally to you and you can share your knowledge and put it to good use in helping or enlightening the readers. 

You can do everything under the sun to expand your email list but if you’re talking out of your rear end, ain’t no body gonna come your way.


This is by far the most popular and sure method to getting new subscribers. A selection of freebies related to your field or talent is a piece of cake for you but is an added incentive to your viewer. As designers you can add in templates, layouts, design elements and workbooks and either provide them in your newsletters or create a password protected page on your website like us which can be unleashed on signing up with you! – Kill two birds with one arrow! 

Get a good email list manager:

There are tons of email list managers with amazing features that allow you to have a welcome note, autoresponders, scheduled posting, reports to see which subscribers read your content, analytics, you name it. While the good old excel method is good it’s just too much work and there’s no way to monitor who’s coming and who’s going. 

We use Mailchimp and we love it. However there is a plethora of email agents now and a little test and try can help you find the right one for you.

email list manager

Social Share it:

You can ask your subbies to “share the newsletter” by adding a share button and link it to the Opt in landing page mentioned above. This makes it easy for the subbies to share and for viewers to sign up. 

Eventually helping you grow your email list. The Mailchimp social share buttons work seemlessly for this task as well.

Speaking of social sharing, if you are in the creative field, you can’t get away without Pinterest these days. So every time to create a blog or a newsletter, create a pin able pic that is eye catching and drives people to you.

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