A logo’s impact on business through social media

A logo's impact on business through social media
Logo impacts business through social media

Love it or hate it, Social media is a great tool to get you noticed, give you worldwide recognition and global clients. It’s a great way to be heard, to share and interact with your target audience.

The problem now is that everyone’s on it! How do you set your self apart!? We wrote an article about this last month that might interest you.>> Is your Logo Social media ready? 

In continuation to the fact that your Logo must be to be social media ready, how does it impact your business through social media?


Seeing your brand on the social media and recognising a good logo will generate more followers / fans. This is a great way to build database, announce something, get feedback or generate goodwill for the brand.


A proper logo makes you and your company more professional and knowledgeable. Might even make your brand look bigger than it is which is always a good thing.


It’s a great way to tell the audience what your company is all about. The good logo defines you as a company / brand / individual. The use of colour, font and icon describe you as a brand.


A good logo been flashed every now and then is a visual reminder that you exist. It creates recall value thus allowing the audience to remember you better and longer.


It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Having your logo consistently used across print and web along with social media, makes you more relatable to your audience. It generates more trust in you than the other guy.

Remember, other than the above suggestion the most important thing is to choose the right social media for your business.There are so many fish in the sea and if you are going to spend an hour or more every day of your life on social media, it might as well be worth it.

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>> In the next article, we will talk about Which social media is right for you.. Stay tuned.

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