How to score your Dream Client

How to score your dream client

Once you have set up your business, tools and got your social media feed lined up – it is now time to find your clients. The better the preparation the more confident you will be, getting out there and selling your services to a prospect.

Over the past few months we have been talking about Why your business needs a logo, Making it social media ready, Promoting your business through your Website and Online tools you could and should use to start a business. 

This month we will be talking about clients, how to deal with them and issues you could face with them. 



Find your prospect clients and make a list

It is important to know your niche and target the kind of client you want to be working with. That way you love what you do and the clients love what comes off it. Once you have a list, you could either e-mail them personally or send out flyers / brochures introducing yourself to them. Needless to say, what ever the means of promotion – it should make the prospect at least stop by on your website if not call you yet.


Nothing beats meeting a person face to face and discuss what you can offer. Sometimes your personality can win a project versus an email you might have sent. Don’t forget your own family and friends, they can help you spread the word and it’s good to show them what you do so they can refer you to someone in need. 

Team up

Working with someone in a similar (not same) field can often bring clients to you. It’s a great way to promote each other and build a flexible team that you can rely on. And it’s more convenient for the client as it works on referral plus it’s a one stop shop.


We don’t believe in working for free.. But if sometimes it’s for a good cause and / or a way of promoting your business to the right target audience then it’s worth the hours put in. Sometimes placing yourself in the right place at the right time can create work and build your client list. 

Follow your prospects

Join groups and discussion on social media where your prospective client is likely to be. Actively participating in these can make you more visible hence attracting new clients. A lot of times there are clients looking for a service and it’s a good way to grab the opportunity.

Follow up

You might meet someone at an event and exchange numbers – Don’t leave it at that. Send in a courtesy mail for their time, introducing your business in detail and sharing your social media links with them making you more accessible when they need you. 


This is the best way to stay in touch with your existing clients and to get attention from some potential ones. You can promote new services and create educational posts about what you do, hence building faith in them to hire you. 

Stay in touch

Lastly, hold on to the clients you already have. You can do this by use of newsletters to keep them updated about your latest work and achievements. You never know when that client could need more work done and there’s no reason for him to hire someone else when you are available and willing! Also, a happy client can refer you to a new client so it’s important to keep that ball rolling!

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