How to make your client stay

How to make your clients stay

Now that you have swiftly sifted through the crowd and found yourself a Dream Client it’s time to pamper them and ensure you make your client stay. Getting the right client is half the job done but to make sure they never turn their back on you is another. 

Whether it’s a prospect, current or a client from the past, a little bit of extra care goes a long way. Clients are people too and they like to be taken care of just like anyone else. 

Lets look at How to make your client stay:

Cut the digital cord:

We’re all so used to texting and emailing in this digital era that the “art of personal connection” is completely lost. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to meet the client over a cup of coffee and discuss a project in person in a more informal way. 

Something Extra

When you’re working on a project with a client, your deliverables are stated by means of a contract through a design brief. Every now and then you could throw in a little something extra that doesn’t essentially cost you a whole lot, but means a lot to the client who is essentially getting something for free! 

Promote them

As a designer you’re more likely to be online on social media, local groups and networks and if you can help your client to promote their events, openings or announcements, they know you’re truly there to see the brand exceed and not just take your money and go home. 

Don’t just SELL, ADVICE

Your client is hiring you because they don’t have the time and they have no clue as to how design works. It’s your job to educate them and advice them to take a path (that works within their budget) to enhance their brand. Be true and honest about the advice you give to your client… It’s the key to your client’s faith in you.

Woo the Clients

Speaking of personal connection whatever happened to hand written notes and christmas cards? Some of us still might send these greetings online, but they are easily lost in the crowd of many other spam mails and feel too uncared for. Sending a handwritten note on special occasions or at the end of the project or to announce a milestone is a great way to stay connected. Add in a little box of chocolates or cookies and your client will never forget you!

What do you do to make your clients feel special?

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