How to scan a good client?

How to scan a good Client

It’s an obvious choice to accept any work that comes your way when you first start. We’ve been there and the more years that passed the more we realised how futile it was – Not the designing, but designing for the wrong client.

The client demanded too much time or the project budget was not feasible or we just didn’t like what we were working on!

As a start up you might take a leap into what ever comes your way. It’s one way to get your name our there and build your client base. But once you have a desired number of clients, it’s time to filter them to create a niche for yourself and to work with clients who can add value to you and your portfolio as well. 

Different artists have different parameters and abilities to choose their client. But using them to choose you ideal client can eliminate future sour situations. 

So how can you scan a good client?

Minimum Budget:
This is not as strange as you might think. By setting a minimum budget for the projects you will take on, means that you are utilising your time in something more meaningful. That’s your first filter when a client approaches you. 

Another key thing to consider is whether you want clients who will hire you for one off design jobs or rather hire you on an ongoing basis. And by that we mean having a Contract, rather than a verbal agreement. 

Company type:
What are the type of companies you like to work with? Whether big or small, corporates or entrepreneurs, individuals or startups. If you are a person who likes creative freedom then corporates might not attract you even though they can pay better and can be more consistent with work flow. But it al boils down to a personal choice – which we as designers forget that we HAVE!!

Friendly Face:
If you meet a client and you just don’t click with them that IS reason enough to skip the project. We know you might judge us for saying that.. But we’ve been there and we realised how much it can effect your outcome and passion for a project. if you can’t sit down for a cuppa and discuss anything besides work then rest assured the project WILL suffer. Having a connection with a client and enjoying working with them is very important. 

Is the client willing to accept your terms and conditions? Having a client who doesn’t meddle with your terms too much to start with is going to be a smooth sail. He appreciates your work and your time and probably won’t runaway half way through.  

These are some of the things we do before we start to work with a  new client to ensure we can give it our best. What are the ways you scan your prospects? 

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