Why do you need an Email List

Why do you need an Email List

We have to admit, we never gathered up an Email list until about a year ago. Like many others we were on the social media pretty much everyday creating a hype, making it look big and then tapping our fingers on the table while we waited for the likes!! 

For a few years, the mailing list concept went on to the back burner, while social media took the throne. It still works well for a lot of things but email lists made their comeback for many obvious reasons: 

Direct communication

You could tweet all you want but you have no clue how many of your prospects or current clients are actually watching and whether you got the message across to them or not. Sending in a direct mail means you HAVE got your message across to the right person and sooner or later he/she WILL read it.

Recall Value:

Reminding your customers or followers about your services and sharing your latest work creates recall value like no other. If you are a blogger, share your popular posts, share an experience and engage with your readers by means of your mailing list.

Value Addition:

It’s a good way to grab attention from prospects and keeps them informed for future reference. Remind them of the value you can add to there business and why they should hire you. 

Converts to Sales

How many social shares do you know convert to direct sales? Plus, It’s impersonal, it’s generic and it’s missed most of the times due to different login times. While communication through a mailing list doesn’t essentially promise sales, they do make the chances higher due to direct communication.

Target Audience

The fact that you have a growing mailing list is a reason enough to celebrate. Maybe you want to give a discount to a service you provide, host a VIP event for your subscribers or there’s a Pre Launch Party. He who signed up for your mailing list IS interested in what you have to offer and it’s a great way to reach your target audience. 

Something Special:

Your mailing list is your fan club! You wouldn’t be where you are without them.. so it’s always nice to give them a little something to show them you appreciate them. A free printable, an E-course, a service… Anything that you feel you have to offer.. And what better way than to send it to your mailing list. 

Share a little

Sending out newsletters to mailing list doesn’t always have to be about work. It could be an event in your life, company milestone, an experience or your learning from it. Trust us there are people out there who would love to know how you dealt with a situation – It might help someone. 

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