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As we close in on all our projects and start to slow down for the holiday season, we are also planning for the coming year. And like many of us, we almost wanted to skip this step and go straight to the sofa with a cozy blanket.

When the holiday season kicks in and the projects are near completion, you have more time to breathe. The manic mornings and busy schedules start to settle and you finally have the time to recharge. It’s easy to slip into party mode and let a whole month go by, but we’re hear to tell you how you can use this last month to organise and plan your business to get it ready for a seam start to the new year!


With the ever changing technology and trends, now is a great time to brush up on your knowledge. Learn something new that’s related to your work to enhance your profile. Online courses and webinars are a great and reasonable way to learn a new skill, software or technique with flexible hours and lots of online support.


Over the course of the year we register ourselves to many websites, blogs and newsletters which leaves us with repeated mails and clogs up our inbox. Take the time to unsubscribe yourself from any such mails that you do no wish to receive anymore. Sort out your inbox and archive inactive project mails. Update your address book and empty out the trash to prepare yourself for a fresh start.


Having an EMAIL LIST is a great way to promote your business by means of direct mailing. It’s free for most small businesses and doesn’t cost much for large businesses either. It’s a monthly update to your prospective client. So keeping this updated is a good idea to allow more viewership and bounce backs.


A website is your no.1 marketing tool and to keep it up to date can increase your business by 50%. If you don’t already have, consider getting your self a RESPONSIVE WEBSITE which is mobile friendly and can increase your website traffic immensely by mobile viewers.
Update your products and services by eliminating those that your don’t provide anymore and adding any new ones. Your achievements add credibility to your business, new awards, recognition or affiliations your business might have made in the year. Similarly if there are new emails or telephones added over the course of the year, it’s a good time to update that information too.


We personally think that all business can and SHOULD blog. It’s a great way to share your knowledge, talk to you viewers and also generate website traffic. Though if you are not a full time blogger, it can take up a lot of time to ideate and produce the content outside of your main profession. Hence, now is a good time to think of how often you want to blog next year, what you want to talk about each month and even have your month to month break down of topics you want to talk about. Heck if time allows, you might as well write the post as well!


Speaking of social media… it’s here to stay and is a very crucial part of online marketing in any business. So while you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. If you’re new to social media (which trust us, many are).. take the time to build a proper social media profile with updated contact information. Link it to your website for seamlessly sharing your web content and promoting your latest News and Events. Advertise your promotion on social media through paid ads which can be specified by location, age  and budget .. It’s a great tool and is more reasonable than most traditional marketing methods.


The end of the year is a great time to make a marketing plan for the new year. Based on the products or services you sell, you can work around certain definite events over the year to promote and provide offers which can generate more traffic to your business.
Update these events or promotions to your website as early as possible and team it up with print marketing to maximise the viewership and response. The sooner you create the buzz, the better the response will be.


Unfortunate for us, clutter is not limited to just paper work anymore. The digital clutter is a lot more time consuming and frustrating and all this admin work can consume a lot of hours in day to day life. So spend some time to clean up your digital gadgets one by one and archive the things you need and delete the things you don’t.


We can’t stress on this point enough. We are lucky to be in an era of technology, so why not use it to our benefit. You can take off so much work load just by planning ahead and automising some of your repetitive tasks which can really suck out on precious work hours from your day.


As mentioned above, if you’ve planned and written your blog posts, they can be scheduled for weekly or monthly posting. This keeps your viewers engaged and your web traffic consistent. The best thing about atomisation is that it doesn’t have to be used for only new blog posts, it can be used for previously written blogs as well. You can keep reposting and reshuffling old articles so that your content doesn’t become stagnant.


Social media posts is another atomisation that can keep your business on autopilot. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it – they all have the ability to repost, auto post and schedule your content at desired times of the day so you can focus on your business.


Along with these if you have clients on retainer basis who pay you weekly or monthly, you can automise the invoices to reach their inbox a week ahead of when they have to pay you. This way you’re always on time with your finances, the client has no excuses and you come off very professional.


And when all of the above things are done, grab a blanket, a hot cocoa with your family and have your self a Fantastic Holiday Season !! We wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We will see you back with our NEW WEBSITE in 2017!!!!


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