Restaurant: How to promote – Part 1

How to promote a restaurant -Part 1


Because food is the very essence of life – the food business is forever. BUT – everyone knows that and the competition in the food industry is so high that if you slack, you’re outta there in no time.

We’ve seen many restaurants be the talk of the town after their launch and three months into the business their service drops, the prices increase, there’s nothing really new about it and the food doesn’t seem great?! (maybe the food is the same but it doesn’t seem to have that appeal, perhaps because of all the other things)


What lacks is the passion, the buzz, the engagement of the customer with the restaurant. And to create that we’ve made a list of promotion ideas that can help you promote your restaurant business so that you are the default choice for local diners.

How to promote your restaurant:


Tell a Story:

Every restaurant sells the same things. The same steak and fries, or rice and chicken etc. What’s different about yours? Why should one choose you over the other?
The reason that people eat out is to have an experience. And that experience comes from the presentation of the food, the ambience and the excitement that the restaurant brings. Theming your restaurant is one way to create that experience. Let people walk into a city, an era, a mood or a smell. We are all kids on the inside and we love imagining we are in a different world..
It allows better recall value and create a word of mouth marketing, that means less trouble for you! ( well almost)


Share your process

Customers love to hear the inside scoop. Not only does it keep them engaged but also creates a personal connection. So share what happens behind the scenes, pictures of the local produce bought each day, or staff training, milestones of the restaurant etc that create an interest in your restaurant. These don’t have be detailed posts, just little snippets from your day. A great way to do this is though Instagram. A pic a day can remind the customers of you and also entice them to come back to your restaurant.



Having spoken about the inside scoop,, sending out a monthly newsletter to your database is great way to share your latest news, achievements, upcoming events and plans for the future. Newsletters work well for giving out vouchers, discount offers to your regular customers or marketing other services you can provide, eg. venue for a corporate event or off-site catering services etc.
Because newsletter are monthly and they go directly to the customer’s mailbox, they have more chances to be viewed.



Blogging has become a quintessential marketing tool for every business including that of a restaurant. It gives you an outlet to share your knowledge, thoughts and even struggles you might face along the way. As a restaurant business, you can share recipes of your top 5 favourite cocktails or teach people about pairing wine. Showcase your achievements and create an online forum to hear your customers out and engage with them on a more personal level.


Food Blogger:

Food bloggers are becoming increasingly popular as a source of marketing for many in the F’n’B industry. While a lot of people disagree with food blogging, the bottom line is that most GOOD food bloggers know their way around the internet and have a good online presence . So when they write about your restaurant, it will only increase your visibility and create more footfall. Collaborating with a food blogger and giving out special discounts / offers to their viewers is sure way to attract new diners. Be sure to pick a food blogger with a good fan following.


Online Presence:

Along with the above, in an era of digital marketing it’s important to have consistent online presence. Whether it be through online targeted ads on social media or having an SEO friendly website. Ensure that your details on google and other search engines are up to date.


The bottom line is that running a restaurant is not JUST about running a restaurant at all ! You need a team of experts who work cohesively to make your brand stand out. Someone who will create events, promote them and ensure that the diners choose no other than you every time they want to Dine out. As a business owner you want to focus on the actual day to day functioning of the business and dealing with customers – So leave the other stuff to someone else!

If you’re looking to start a restaurant business and need help getting your brand out, give us a shout!


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