Restaurant : How to Promote – Part 2

Promoting a restaurant Part 2
In our last post on how to promote your restaurant we talked about some basic ways to promote your restaurant to ensure your visibility. These methods are a great tool to launch your restaurant and create the first market buzz, however they can soon become stagnant as the months go by. You run out of things to talk about and it reaches a point where you start to repeat yourself and lack the juice in the promotional material.  It is at this point that you need to think beyond the traditional promotional techniques and give your customers something new and exciting that keeps them engaged on an on going basis.

While these pointers might look obvious, you’d be surprised as to how many restaurants over look these or forget in the process of running the restaurant on a day to day basis. Lets look at some more ways to promote your restaurant on an on going basis:

Show your staff

The performance of your restaurant is based on the team you create.. It’s ALL of you that make that restaurant and it’s experience. Sharing your staff not only motivates the staff members but also helps you and your client build a better rapport. Add a picture of the head chef on the website, introduce them to the manager who is infact the face of the restaurant and will be the point of contact should someone want to make a corporate or family party booking.

Share positive press

Sharing your achievements with your customers on a regular basis builds trust in your brand. Whether its an award or a celebrity visit or a big dinner you hosted for a local golf club… Let your customers know you are still as good as the first day you opened your doors. Using social media or newsletters is a great way to keep your followers in the loop.

Have an easy to browse – Response Online Menu

It’s only recently that restaurants have understood the need to have an online menu, so many are still struggling to understand why it needs to be responsive. Having a Responsive Website and menu allows customers to view it on various devices such as smart phones and tablets, making it a lot easier for them to view or even order.

Partner with delivery services

Speaking of ordering, having an online ordering system fills in the gap and helps target the younger segment of diners who are very internet savvy and like to make things quicker. If you for any reason don’t have that facility it’s a good idea to tie up with a delivery service such as hungryhouse or deliveroo who can do the dirty work for you for a small fee. It takes off the load a little. We’d say even if you DO have your online ordering in place, it’s STILL a good idea to tie up with them to get more visibility and in some cases reach out to more people.

Offer Coupons and Discounts

Who doesn’t like a good bargain?! Coupons and discounts are a good way to target your low traffic days / months in some case. Discounted Lunch hour or Buy one Get one Free Cocktail are a good way to lure in the crowd. It is at this time that you give your diners money off coupons for the peak hours / days. You see how you killed two birds in one arrow!?


Engage your customers with giveaways on a monthly basis. Keep the prizes attractive, such as a Meal for Two or a Bottle of Bubbly etc and let them play by subscribing to your newsletter or liking your post on Facebook or dropping in a business card. Give them options and flexibility to participate so that no avenue is left unused. This not only creates a buzz but also allows you to develop your database with consent – which is GOLD in the marketing world.

Occasional Promotions

Every month is loaded with opportunities to promote your restaurant. Whether it be Father’s day, Cricket World Cup, Bank Holiday, Christmas or someone’s birthday… Building a monthly plan for promotions will keep things new and exciting for customers and your business, organised and consistent.
If your business model allows, then having seasonal menus is the epitome of a great dining experience. Pair it up with seasonal drinks and desserts and that’s reason enough for people to come back.

Monitor your social media presence

In our first blog of this series (how to launch your restaurant ) we mentioned how it’s important for every restaurant to pick their niche. Monitoring your online campaigns allows you to see what your customers like and react to. Which posts were most viewed and liked and what time of the day do they tend to get more noticed. It is these numbers that allow you to target your perfect customers which is where you want to put your time and money in.
We hope that these pointers were helpful for you and that you can use some of them to Promote your Restaurant Business.

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