How to Promote your Salon for Christmas

How to promote your Salon for ChristmasWe’ve dedicated this month to help all sorts of businesses promote their services during Christmas. Last week we showed you how to run christmas promotion in your restaurant and this week we’re focusing on Salons. With all the Festivities, Parties and Photographs it’s only natural to want to look your best and salons are the obvious choice and while some business will be choc-o-bloc, others will be peeping out of the window, waiting for their next customer to arrive.

So here are some ways that you can promote your Salon business for Christmas time:


The most easiest and cheapest way to promote your christmas offers and opening hours is to have it printed on your receipt. It’s a simple addition to your existing software which you can start doing two months in advance to maximise your promotion and its a lot more effective that you’d think.

Late hours:

With long working hours and Christmas shopping to cover, it’s good to be able to pop into a salon and get that pedicure. Offer your clients longer opening hours which allows them more flexibility in the busy season. Make sure to let your customers know by adding the new hours to your answering machine, your printed receipts and also your shop front way ahead of time.

Occasional Promotions

Replacing your regular posters and tent cards with Christmas promotions can draw attention to those services which  are good but have not been popular. Because it’s done under a “christmas promotion” banner with a festive vibe, the customer is more likely to buy that service. Be sure to have great visuals that tempt the client to want that service.
You can send these offers out to your database by way of flyers or newsletters to ensure maximum visibility. And don’t forget that social media is your best friend !!

 harmony | Christmas Promotion

harmony | Christmas Promotion | Social Media

Stocking Fillers:

A lot of salons sell hair and beauty products along with their services. Some of these products are not available at the drugstore. While you might already have them displayed in salon for sale, tagging them with a catchy graphic like “stocking fillers” or “christmas must haves” grabs attention and makes for a good impulsive buy, specially the travel size bottles. And they truly do make good stocking fillers so why not maximise your sale by giving your customers the idea.

Add some christmas cheer:

Replace your usual coffee with a pumpkin latte or a cookie with a mince pie. Change up the music to something more festive and maybe add some lighting that stays on for longer than usual. Dress up red for a change or bling things out in the salon. Its the smallest things that can elevate the spirits and make the whole experience well worth it.

Gift cards:

No one cares for them when you see them at the till but everyone loves getting them!! Gift cards make great gifts for any product or service. Its a good idea to get some made just for the holiday season and keep at the till so that your clients can buy them for their friends or family. Give them the flexibility to choose the amount rather than having pre-defined amounts. Gift cards are a great way to create word of mouth and have some new customers coming in.

Traditional promotions

Put an ad in the local newspaper, hand out flyers and update your website to let your existing clients know what you’re offering in the holiday season. Start early to maximise on the offers and keep pushing it through social media to get maximum coverage.
Putting up posters on the store front and even decorating the place ahead of time can attract more clients passing by. The more often one sees these promotions the more recall value it adds.
harmony | Christmas Promotion | Poster

Get some love:

Whlle you’re making all that effort to give a good experience, you might as well get credit for it. Encourage your customers to leave you a feedback, either on the day or later on your website or social media. This is a great time to get some good reviews that not only help your business in the peak season but even after Christmas when things usually tend to slow down.
Hope you enjoyed reading this article and will benefit from using some of these ideas for your Salon / Spa. Do leave a comment below should you have more ideas, we would love to hear them.



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If you are not considering the above, chances are that your subscribers will soon unsubscribe. Keeping your content engaging is the key to a successful and growing email list and here are some ideas for…

What you can send to your email list :


Who doesn’t like things for free? And as designers there’s a lot we can do with our talent. Whether it be free templates or fonts, a pattern or a workbook, giving out freebies is a great way to show your appreciation towards your subbies. These don’t always have to be over the top – sometimes simple solutions to everyday problems can save people a lot of trouble.


While social media is a great way to showcase what you’re up to, it’s often hit and miss. An email list is a wonderful tool to share your latest work and increase the traffic on your website. Not to mention it allows the subbies to see some of your previous work or blog posts as well.  


Breaking the ice by letting your subbies into your workspace or method of working is a great way to build a relationship with them. It makes things informal and more human than an automated, stereotypical “informative” email. Fellow designers might find inspiration in this and prospects would enjoy your course of action, so it’s a win win!


Unless you have signed an NDA, you can often give a sneak peak into a project you are working on. If you blog then an exclusive blog post just for your subscribers can give them something more to read or draw inspiration from. If they are subscribed with you then they already like what you have to say – why not use that to your advantage.


Off late it is not unusual for designers to be bloggers. It’s no more a nerdy practice and in fact is a great social tool. Sending recent blog articles to your email list is not only a good way to share your content but also to get feedback and learn what your subbies are interested in. That way you can target your content to the right reader. 


If you’re good at what you do and people appreciate your work, then it’s reason enough to share it bold and proud. It builds your reputation and increases your prospect’s trust in you as a brand.


Finally giving your subbies exactly what they are asking you. If one person has asked you a question about your trade, chances are, there are others who would like to know the same. Why not share your frequently asked questions with the subbies?

Bottom line is that your content is going to humans and like you they don’t want random junk in their mail.. They want something that will add value to their day, their trade and will be pleasant to look at. And there’s no harm in skipping a newsletter if there’s no content to share.. You’d rather post relevant material than send out something just for the heck of it. 

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