Welcome to Zorb Designs!

Welcome to Zorb Designs
Welcome to Zorb Designs

Welcome BACK to Zorb Designs!

We recently completed 10 years – HOORAY!

Can’t believe it’s been a decade – !!

The first thing we wanted to do was to shake things up and give our website a little facelift. It was hanging loose in the 90s and we needed to drag it into the 21st century!

Now with this new website we are creating a platform to share our knowledge, resources, freebies and hopefully give a lot of inspiration along the way. We have upped our social media game and can be found on your choice of poison. Our Instagram show cases our daily lives, things we spot and love and things we do in the office. While Pinterest is a collection of our interests, our work and our hobbies… such as crafts, painting and other such artsy things!

We have a blog that talks about basics of graphic design and common questions that clients or prospects have before hiring a designer.. Things like:

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Let’s form a community to talk, learn and RE- THINK DESIGN!


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