What are the types of Websites

What are the types of websites
So, what are the types of websites. We all know that HTML and Flash websites are a thing of the past. There are new trends in website design and this article categorises them to help you understand what type of website suits you or your business.

What are the types of Websites

Mobile Site:

10 years ago, who would’ve thought you’d be browsing for train timings, salon appointments or movie schedule on your phone, on the go! But, this is second nature to most of us, as we all own smartphones now. So to have a mobile site is not even a question. 

These are very similar to having an online app.. but here the web content is minimised so that online browsing on the mobile phone is much faster. If thought through, you could sell your products, book appointments and provide downloads. They also sync with your social media on the phone and make it easier to interact with you followers. 


  • They can look a bit different than your desktop website. 
  • It’s a cost in excess of your desktop website, which is the reason many people still don’t have them. 
  • Has to be managed / maintained separate from your desktop website which means additional time and admin work.


Unlike mobile website these don’t have to developed separate from the desktop website. It is one website design that RESPONDS to the device that you are using and fits itself in grids making the experience a lot better and browsing a lot faster. They are search engine friendly and if developed with the right tools they can be used to make your business be found easily on search engines. 

Unless your mobile website has a different function than your desktop website, there’s no reason to spend twice. Responsive websites save money and time creating a consistent experience for the viewers and ensure that you are accessible no matter where your customer is.

What are the types of Websites

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While responsive website don’t REALLY have that many drawbacks, there the disadvantage of not being able to design / adjust your titles, content and images on mobile phones or tablet. This might not be a big deal for some but can be a big issue for some business that want to focus on certain products for quicker sale – because their customer is mostly mobile users. However, this issue is fixable with some coding and plugins but is not the ideal situation and requires maintenance if updated.  

Have a look at our website on a desktop and phone.. We have a responsive website. 

Parallax Website

We love video gaming and this is about as close as we can get to it in our work place. Parallax website are the new generation visual effect websites that are taking the online experience by storm. 

They are made with layers of backdrops that move at different speeds to give visual effect while giving the customer an impressive experience. It’s key feature is a single page scrolling, while background change to form a story. Kinda like how MARIO games used to be. Having a parallax website today with potentially no text in it will also draw people in just out of curiosity! Yup, they are THAT COOL!

Check some of these out

What are the types of Websites


What are the types of Websites



  • Here’s the black cloud – They are basically a one page website with a lot of data, making it slow for loading. With just a one page website, there’s only one meta description and one url and limited SEO – which makes it very hard for your website to be found online. 
  • They are also not compatible with mobile phones and are not ‘responsive’. At least not yet.

Here’s the thing, you can use them to tell a story, to introduce an idea or a new product or to engage existing customers by using this as a secondary website. You could also use parallax as your landing page. Keep the data limited, make it fun and engaging and if this is your one way to grab attention make sure you have a clear call to action for customers to get in touch with you. 

CMS and WordPress websites- 

These website work well for businesses that need their content to be changed / updated on a regular basis. The idea behind CMS (Content Management System) is for the clients to be able undertake day to day management and regular updates themselves as opposed to hiring someone for every little thing. 

WordPress is a simplified form of CMS. You can buy templates off the shelf and upload or fill in your content as easy as MS Word will be. The back end is WYSIWYG (- What you see is what you get) and the coding in auto generated from this content to go online. This doesn’t interfere with your content, making it a very easy to use interface. WordPress is becoming increasingly popular also because it is very SEO friendly making it easy to be found on search engines. 

It depends on the nature of your business . There are many free and paid plugins as well as coding that can help you achieve customisation in WordPress. However if you need complex content management then it’s better to have it coded as a true CMS website. 


These websites are meant for businesses that sell products or services online. It can be an entrepreneur selling home made goods using paypal integration or a large business selling their stock by use of credit card payment by use of a proper secure payment gateway.

Ecommerce website are dynamic which gives the client (limited) ability to add /change the data of their shop front. This can include price, description, stock count etc. The commerce aspect can be integrated into various websites for eg. designer can put it on their website to sell their fonts, graphics or templates online. 

Have a look at one we did recently..

What are the types of Websites

Cheeky Food Company


When selling products online it is important to use a secure payment gateway. These ecommerce websites are target the most by hackers as they contain sensitive information such as credit cards and bank details. They are costly and need updates and back end management which the client can’t always do themselves. 

WordPress now provides many option in the ecommerce sector and that works well on many levels. It is easy to manage, update and maintain on the back end by the client.. A lot of payment options are securely integrated and it’s a breeze to work through it.

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