Why hire a Graphic Designer?

Why hire a graphic designer
Why hire a graphic designer

In today’s day and age the internet is a great tool that allows small business owners to create their own logos, flyers, brochures and even website without knowing anything about coding. So why bother with graphic designers, Right? WRONG!

Many of our clients choose to get the branding done from us and then hire local, cheaper designers to do the rest. These are people who are not educated to be designers and merely call themselves designers based on the use of internet resources such as templates, mockups and ready made layouts. And then there are others who feel they can download free trial softwares and learn their way into design.

Sure they get the job done, but soon enough you start to see a series of mismatched layouts, fonts and in general a brand muddle. A design service is not something you use and throw. It’s an ongoing relationship that continues to grow with you and improve you and  your brand each day.

So why SHOULD you hire a graphic designer? The answer is obvious and simple:



You can either battle many hours with a one month free trail of an unknown software or you can hire someone to do that job for you so that you can concentrate on the actual business and get the MONEY rolling in, rather than TIME rolling out.


A designer ensures that your brand becomes your identity and all collateral falls in to place as opposed to being pieces of a puzzle. The designer customises the design exclusively for you – colours, layouts and the general look and feel is always consistent. No matter what you sell, the designer will make you look like the next big thing!


A designer spends a lot of time in researching the market and understanding your competitors and target audience. He will brainstorm with you as a team member and ensure that brand reaches its highest capability to become it’s own entity as opposed to another brick in the wall.


It’s a designer’s job to know the latest trends, paper stock, print techniques etc. They are the best source for ideas and to get more solutions for your buck.


This is something that most clients tend to skip, but is the most sane thing one can do! A designer who has worked and grown with you and your brand, knows what you like and don’t, and can better suggest newer ideas to promote your business. A designer becomes a member of your team with time and will take pride in your brand the same way you do.


A designer that can provide a complete solution is a dream come true. Services like printing, fabrication, delivery etc. When the designer gets the job done, they’ll  be more passionate, hence particular about the final output.


With everything sorted and looking so pretty, you can take pride in your brand and your collateral and hence sell it more effectively and confidently.


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